Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Crafting Materials | Where to find Fabric and Titanium

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Crafting Materials | Where to find Fabric and Titanium

Crafting might not be the hot trend it was a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean games will stop making you collect a load of seemingly useless tat to clutter up your bags. In Assassins Creed Valhalla, you’ll be grappling with bags full of fabric, chunks of titanium, iron, and leather, all while trying to invade England and find allies.

Thankfully, while your inventory is stuffed with runes, trinkets and trade goods, amongst all of that, you’ll only need those handful of different items to upgrade your equipment to continue your quest.

Assassins Creed Valhalla Crafting Materials Explained

In Assassins Creed Valhalla, you’ll come across four main crafting materials. These are leather, iron ore, fabric, and titanium, and are used to upgrade all of your gear along the upgrade track.

This includes both your armour and weapons, as well as your arrow quiver and healing pouch, so you might have to make some tough choices and decide what is more important to you when it comes time to upgrade.

You can upgrade your equipment whenever you want from the menu screen. Simply hover the cursor over the item in your inventory that you want to upgrade and hold down the appropriate button.

You’ll see how many crafting materials it will consume, and how it will affect the stats, even if you don’t have enough on you at the time, so you can calculate how much you’ll need.

Leather and iron ore are the most common upgrade materials you’ll come across, but also the ones you’ll need the most of, and are used to upgrade lower grade weapons and armour while fabric and titanium, unsurprisingly, are used when upgrading higher tier weapons and armour.

These later upgrades will still need both iron ore and leather though, so don’t forget to collect them when possible.

Where can you find crafting materials in Assassins Creed Valhalla?

Leather and Iron Ore

Leather and iron ore is plentiful in England and Norway, and you’ll be able to find them both in the wilderness and in the cities. Leather can be found in very small quantities from hunting wild animals, such as deer and foxes as well as the more hostile creatures like wolves and wild boar. The effort involved in this for the return is definitely not worth it though.

Meanwhile, iron ore can be found in the glistening outcrops of stone that can be smashed open with a melee attack.

You can also find leather and iron ore in the smaller chests scattered across the map. These chests won’t be marked as treasure on the regions map, but they will faintly glow gold when you zoom in.

You can also spot their faint glow through walls and obstacles in person with your Odin Vision. You get much more per chest than you would collecting it yourself, so it’s definitely worth stopping to loot chests.

However, if all else fails you can buy iron ore and leather from traders – either in Ravensthorpe or in the wider world – once you’ve found the resource yourself, which will probably be from the very beginning of the game. The best way to stock up on the iron and leather you will need for the majority of upgrades is to buy the maximum amount you can from shops.

Because of the sheer amount you need for later upgrades, it’s almost worth ducking into a merchant every time you pass to clear out their stock before it recharges.


You’ll very rarely come across titanium in the wild, but this is always in small quantities.

More reliably, you can also find titanium in treasure chests that contain nickel or tungsten ingots.

These will appear on your map as golden treasure orbs, or stacks of ingots if you get close enough. Nickel ingots are found in the mid-regions of the game. East Angila will provide them sometimes, while areas like Sciropescire and beyond will have Nickel in more or less every ingot marker.

Tungsten ingots can be found in the highest level regions of the game, from Eurvicscire and beyond.

You can also buy titanium in limited amounts from traders once you’ve gathered some yourself. And again, this is the most efficient way to pick it up.


Finally, fabric is the only upgrade resource that cannot be found in the wild or bought from traders, but you can find it amongst caches of iron ore and leather in the smaller chests in the more dangerous regions of England.

Areas like Oxenefordscire and beyond will start to produce fabric in more or less every smaller chest, alongside hoards iron ore and leather.



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